Figure from imagination
Sarah Jenkins
Chinese ink & egg tempera


Intensive weekends drawing & painting based on the study of creativity.

The traditional instruments; quill pens, reed pens, Chinese brushes, red chalk, charcoal & pencils are used in the mornings working from the life model. In the afternoons, colour harmony studies are followed by working from the imagination.

Music & movement may be part of the life and imagination studies. 



10.00am - 5.00pm


Dates to be confirmed 

Materials required for the painting class:
Gouache in yellow ochre, bright yellow, scarlet red, ultramarine blue, terra verte, burnt sienna, ivory black & zinc white. 
A selection of different sized brushes, both bristle & Chinese brushes, in sizes large, medium & very small. 
Several sheets of watercolour or acid-free drawing paper
Paint rags or kitchen roll
Materials required for the drawing class:
Two quill pens
Two reed pens
Three Chinese brushes (large, medium & very small)
Pencils (1B - 3B)
Two red chalks (Conte)
Conte red chalk pencil
  • Reed pens can be cut from bamboo, reeds and rushes.
  • Feathers for quill pens can be found in London parks & the countryside. These found feathers (goose, swan, eagle, owl, blackbird, magpie, seagull & others) need to be seasoned for a year or two to harden before trimming into pens. In ancient Egypt feathers were placed in the hot sand - this method is excellent for speeding up the process.
  • Charcoal can be made by burning a bonfire of willow wood: once alight cover with a layer of earth or sand and let smoke until out which should produce charcoal.
  • Red chalk (conte) is widely available and red bowl pieces (sanguine), an alternative, can be bought from A P Fitzpatrick (142 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green London E1 5QJ) 

Fool with Flowers
Lily Corbett
from imagination: egg tempera, brush, pencil, quill pen & Chinese ink

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