Christ from St Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai
Melita Kolin
Egg tempera and gold on gessoed panel

EARLY PAINTING TECHNIQUES. Egg tempera, gilding and gesso

With an icon or early Italian artist to copy, such as Fra Angelico or Piero della Francesca, students will work on a board which has a ground of sized cloth and gesso, lay down bole for gold, burnish and water gild. 

Students then proceed to work with pure ground pigments, most made from minerals and earths using egg tempera as a medium. 

Students can also work with transfer gold leaf. 

During the class we study the qualities of the pigments and learn to use different brush techniques for applying the paint. 

Framing is considered along with the painting and students can gild and decorate a frame.

Saturdays 10 - 1 

After 16th century Angel
Miranda Argyle
Egg tempera and gold on gessoed panel

from Piero della Francesca
Miranda Argyle
Egg Tempera on Gessoed Panel
Work in progress

after Madonna of the Teeth by Vitali da Bologna 15th century 
Lily Corbett
egg tempera, water gilding, transfer gold on garlic mordant


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