Art of creativity is a study of creativity and technique and is inspired by the teaching of Cecil Collins and the study of sacred and traditional art.

We have a series of classes drawing from life and the imagination. This is not drawing where a system of measurement is imposed upon the human form, it is about developing the eye, heart and hands connection thereby working from feeling and empathy. Many of the studies are two handed so we include the unknown and more innocent part of ourselves into our drawings. Music and movement are part of some of the classes, following the model's movements, for example. 

We study technique and use Chinese brushes, quill and reed pens, red chalk, charcoal and pencils and up to seven tones of Chinese ink. The classes are based on the study of all participants creativity, so work done with this approach will feed into your other creative endeavours such as writing, music, acting , dancing and cooking. 

Art of Creativity also provides classes in egg tempera, gilding and gesso. Unlike the expansive methods described above, this class focuses on fine detail and incorporates the traditional techniques of the early masters. 

All classes are suitable for beginners and experienced artists.

Lily Corbett teaching children at Shakespeare's Globe
 on behalf of the Prince's School of Traditonal Arts 
during the exhibition of 'The Tent of Peace', 2005


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